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Draper Brown, Certified Hypnotherapist/EFT practitioner

Strap in as LIFTED's certified hypnotherapist/EFT practitioner, Draper Brown, uses the enigmatic craft of hypnosis to guide us on a journey inward to take control of emotions, behaviors, and discomforts that can often seem to be in control of us.


Amanda's rock hard, wash board abs

Embark on a transformation of physical form as a new and better you is sculpted to your ideal shape by the nutritional guidance and personal training from Fitness Instructor and Founder of LIFTED, Amanda Palmieri to complete the trifecta of holistic health.



Join Reiki Master/Yoga instructor, and founder of LIFTED, Amanda Palmieri, as she harnesses the life force energy that surrounds and permeates all of us. Study under her directly to learn to wield it for yourself, or simply experience her hands on, healing touch personally.

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